Moscow Idaho Tier list

This is our rankings of the best coffee shops in Moscow rated by the espresso at each place
Name score description
Hammers coffee shop 18 Tangy taste, a blend of sour and bitter, good crem, I think its bean flavor
Panhandle Cone & Coffee 17 Good crem, very sour at top, good shot at bottum, very close to Café Artista
Java Bug 16 good crem, not overly sour nor bitter.
Café Artista 15 Good crem, extremely sour at first, not sour like underextracted, bitter aftertaste
One world 14 Sour taste, good crem, different notes, but mostly covered by sour
Dutch Bros Coffee 13 Good crem, bitter that turned sweet, basicly starbucks
Sword and Shovel Coffeehouse 12 Good crem, bitter, not very sour
Starbucks 11 good crem on one, not other, bitter, bland
Silos and Social 10 mid crem, sour
Le Petit Café Fleuri 9 good crem, sour throughout, not bad not good, just mid
CO-OP 8 low crem, sour taste throughout, bitter aftertaste
Monica's Coffee Bar 7 ok crem, sour taste all the way through, simular to redstar
Bucer's Coffee House Pub 6 ok crem, sour taste with a watery taste at the end, sour aftertaste
The Bean farm 5 low crem, bitter and sour, watered down
Gypsy Java 4 probaby low crem, bitter and sour
Red star 3 Sour taste, low crem, not bitter, probably not fresh
KnoxBox 2 Good crem, extremely sour, bad aftertaste
Steam Coffee 1 Good crem, very sour taste, sour throughout, very close to Red star